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Important telephone numbers

House rules

  1. Smoking is prohibited in the entire building. In case you smoke the smoke alarm will get activated. The costs related to the arrival of fire department will be charged to you.
  2. When leaving the building you must turn the alarm system on.
  3. Pets are not allowed.
  4. The garret is not at tenants′ disposal.
  5. Šonov is a quiet village. Please, bear that in mind.
  6. Should you cause damage to the equipment or parts of the building, you must report it to the manager immediately. The costs will be charged to you.
  7. It is not allowed for bedding and towels to be washed here.
  8. You must not change the TV setting.
  9. Upon your departure the building must be tidied, that means the refrigerator must be empty and dishes washed up. After your departure the whole building will be cleaned.


  1. Once a week on Saturday after 12 noon the cleaning of the whole building will be done, including change of bedding and towels.
  2. You may use the washer and dryer in the laundry room. If tenants from the other building are present, the laundry room is shared with them. Washing powder is at your disposal.
  3. You can use three Internet connections in the building. Because of the insufficient infrastructure in the Czech Republic, we use the Internet via satellite. That means we can download and send only a limited amount of data monthly. You must bear that in mind. You can surf Internet pages, send e-mails and chat. However, you may never download files or watch movies and perform other operations on the Internet which might require a large amount of data to be downloaded and sent. The Internet cable is located in the TV cabinet.


Operating the alarm

  • Before turning the alarm on you must close all windows and doors (including the entrance door). Then you can enter your code and press the button ARM. After that you must leave the building within 30 seconds and lock the door. The alarm is on now.
  • When you come back you can turn the alarm off by entering your code and then pressing the button DISARM. The alarm is off now.
  1. When leaving the building you have to turn the alarm on due to insurance purposes.
  2. In case of an assault you can turn on the alarm by pressing the numbers 1 and 3 at the same time. The security agency will arrive then.


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