Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe. It covers almost 80.000 square kilometers and has a population of 10,5 million people. The Czech Republic is a member of European Union and it has Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia as its neighboring countries. The capital city is Prague. Other important towns are Pilsen, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc and Hradec Králové. Some well-known products are Czech crystal and Czech beer. The Czech Republic is one of the most picturesque countries in Europe, offering castles and chateaus to visit. There are several UNESCO herritage sites too. The most attractive destination is the capital city Prague. Other beautiful destinations include the medieval town of Kutná Hora and a beautiful Moravian town called Telč. The castle Karlštejn and chateau Hluboká nad Vltavou are also popular with visitors.


Broumov is a town with a rich history and many remarkable sights.

The town has been a natural center of the region for more than seven centuries. The historical center of Broumov, including the houses, Maria column and several churches, are considered to be monuments.

The most important monument is the Benedictine monastery.

The Benedictine monastery is considered one of the most beautiful monasteries in the Czech Republic. The monastery was founded by the Benedictine order in 1322. The current baroque interior dates back to the 18th century.

The St. Vojtech church is decorated with fresco paintings of saints.

In the cellars of the monastery there are stored remains of mummified priests, organists and citizens.

You can also visit the monastery’s church and its vestry. Here you will find an exhibition of beautiful furniture with intarsias and the refectory with a vestments exhibition.

After the 2nd World War, during the communist regime, the monastery was used as a prison. Nowadays the monastery is owned by the Benedictine order again.

The monastery is open to public. During the excursion you can see a unique replica of the shrine of Turin from 1651.

One of the most outstanding monuments is the church of the holy virgin Mary, the oldest wooden church in Bohemia.

History of the region is captured in the museum of the Broumov region, near the monastery.

Broumov is a start point of tourist trails in the rocky areas of Broumovské stěny and Javoří hory.

Surrounding villages offer many points of interest as well as hiking and biking trails.


Šonov is located east of Broumov, alongside the Javoří hills. It is the longest village in the Broumov area (7800 meters). It has been inhabited since the 12th century. The church here, a baroque church of Saint Margaret, was designed by Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer and built between 1727 and 1730. There is also a neogothic chapel with wall paintings dating back to 1800 at the local cemetery.

The nearby Javoří hills invite you for walks or bike rides, offering beautiful views of the surroundings.

Šonov is a good vacation spot in winter, too.

You can ski on three ski slopes in Janovičky, a village 10 km away from Šonov. It is possible to rent skis and snowboards there. Winter time also offers an ideal opportunity to relax with a book by a warm stove. Sometimes when getting up in the morning, you can see deer eating fruit they dug up from the snow. In winter the deer and foxes come closer to houses because they find food there.


When visiting Broumov and its surroundings, do not forget about the romantic rock formations.. Beautiful nature, rare plants and animals, clear skies and water and rock-climbing opportunities which you can experience at the rocks of Teplice and Adršpach. A rock tower labyrinth can be also found in Ostaš and in Jiráskovy skály. A nearby town of Hronov, the birthplace of Alois Jirásek, hosts a renowned festival of amateur theatre called Jiráskův Hronov.

There is a large number of castles, chateaus and sacral monuments preserved in Northeastern Bohemia. Visitors can come across a variety of architectural styles here and immerse themselves in history. If you are looking for something extraordinary or unique, you can be sure you will find it here; from military and technical monuments, observatories, to the famous ZOO in Dvůr Králové where you can take a safari tour.